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News July 23, 2020

The BCC Board of Directors met for their regularly monthly meeting last evening at the Club house. Notable discussion was on our general financial situation.   At best we can say we are holding our own, due to very good month at the club house inspite of several golf tournaments needing to be canceled due to health concerns. Also another plus is that our general memberships are up slightly. We are so thankful for all you who renewed again this year and those who joined us as new members. Although there is still a lot of challenges in the coming months, we ask for your continued support.
 1.        Waylon Sheets attended the meeting as representative of the House Committee. He reminded us of several things ongoing with the committee which will be announced upcoming.   If you have not been out to the club lately, come out and take note of the new awning over the front door. The committee took upon themselves to get the old tattered on done and replace with the new one bearing the BCC logo on the north side. Through their hard work and the generous donations of Belleville Chamber, Scotts Specialties, The Belleville Telescope, and an anonymous donor, the funds have all been gathers and the new awing is in place. Thank all you for completing this project.
 2.        Another announcement: During the upcoming races during the time of the fair, that I guess is not happening, the Club House will be closing at 9:00pm on Thursday and Friday and will be closed completely on Saturday night of the races.
Again we would like to thank all of you who are members of BCC this year. Come out for a round of golf or of time of social distancing with others. There is still a good time to be had!!!

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BCC Course
JUNE 8 2020

Well summer finally arrived and with continual help of Tiffany & Brandon Hanson, Chase Larson and others the BCC pool is open.

With that being said, the Board of Directors would like to remind everyone that everyone (kids and adults) are to be a golfing member or have paid a pool membership ($280). Especially this year we as members need to police our pool it is only fair and beneficial that we continue you maintain our members only policy.

Hopefully you have been able to get out and enjoy the course. We still have a few who have a cart shed that have not paid their memberships and we need you to step up at this point and get your dues to us. The Board will begin sending request letters to those who have not paid. We hope everyone will take advantage of our course and facilities.

Have a great start to your summer!

BCC Board of Directors
May 13, 2020

Just a note from The Club's board of directors as a reminder about memberships.

We would like to thank all of you who have sent in or brought to us your golfing membership.  Hopefully you have taken time to get out with your family and enjoy the course.  Although the weather has not been the best continually, summer is coming (maybe next week?).  The work to improve greens and fairways continues and with the work come the responsibility of paying bills.  We want you to know because of your faithfulness so far, we were able to pay our annual note pmt., interest pmt., operating expense note and pay our taxes.  Which brings us to the fact that as we looked over the membership list, golfing memberships are down 23 from last year (we have several new members this year, thank you) which in dollars means over $15,000 short now. Social memberships are down 36 at this time nearly $2,000 short.  Some members had been using the club, but hadn't gotten their memberships in yet.  As we prepare to open the Club up next week please remember to get your memberships paid, thank you.  At this point the plan is to open Tuesday.  There will be restrictions and we will get an email out as to our NEW NORMAL by Monday.

Thank you to everyone of you as members. This year will be a challenge, but we have always face challenges at BCC and you as members have always met the challenge.

See you at The Club or on The Course.

BCC Board of Directors

Monday May 4, 2020

Good morning to all our golf members,
I was asked by board members to give a shout out to all of our members who have gotten in their memberships at this point.   As you all know the course is open and the guys are working to have it in shape for your play. In spite of this corona virus thing, there is still a lot of work to be done on the course and funds needed for chemical purchase for greens and all, sprinkler heads to be fixed, mowers to be tended to and of course the irrigation system that is cranky at times. Yesterday was a beautiful day that would have been the 1 couple scramble that Shelley, Whit, MaryAnn, Bill, Carol and James would have held and been financially profitable for the Club. Wasn't to be! It was still a beautiful and I hope you all took advantage of the beautiful day.
With so many summer activities canceled so far, golf is a wonderful way to spend time with family, kids, grandkids and others while social distancing. We encourage everyone to join and be apart of our Club. One of these days, hopefully by middle to end of may the club house will be opened again and we can have our leagues begin. Until then, please send in your memberships so we can continue to operate our course.   We are down at this time, and hope you will join with us now for the rest of the year. We do need you to get you memberships to us in person or by mail.
All of our members are the best! Your Board of Directors

Good day BCC fans,

As I sit and look out the window at a beautiful morning, I am reminded that in spite of all the craziness in our little world right now we sill live in a beautiful place. Everything is starting to green up and if you have been by the golf course lately, there is some work being done and things are staring to perk up out there.  The plan is plug the greens next Tuesday, 4/7 so the course will be closed that week. Hopefully mother nature will be kind to use and warmer weather will promote the healing of the greens.

Although everything has been shut down pretty much, the out of doors is still open if I am not mistaken.  So golfing is still a great option to be able to enjoy our golf course.  This brings me to our main point!  Because we have not been able to be active at the club house we have not been able to have our annual member appreciation night yet. It will happen eventually. That being said we are lagging behind in our membership dues being paid.  April 1st, our usual deadline is just days away. For everyone who has paid so far thank you so very much. If you have not paid yet, please do so. All though the club house has been shut down, there will still be costs to take care of in the club house and on the course. More now that ever we will need everyone of our members to step up present and maybe even some past members to join again??? You can give your membership dues to a board member or send to PO box 421.  Please, please help.

We all know this will pass and we can get back to our normal life style.  Until then be mindful of our course?

BCC Board of Directors     (TAG MARCH 29, 2020)

News and Now

The BCC bod wishes to thank everyone who participated in the Valentines Dinner.  We had 69 plus the bartenders and workers. We wish to thank Stacey, Dan, Carolyn, Kerry Johnson, Kerri & Tim Garman and Charlene for all their efforts for a very nice evening.  For all those who ate, your donations were very generous and we will share the results the first of next week.

For all those who want food at the club and were not able to make it on Thursday, we will be having more events for your enjoyment. Put on your calendar Saturday, March 2 at 6pm. will be our membership appreciation supper. All dues are due by March 2nd and your meal is free with a paid up membership.

Also "Fat Tuesday" is March 5th and we would like to celebrate it at the club.  We are in need of volunteers to make a crock pot full of gumbo, jambalaya, or another Cajun dish for that night.  Contact Charlene or any board member if you wish to help.  More details coming soon.

Again we thank each one of you that came on Valentines.

BCC Board of Directors

Dear club members,

The last several years have been tough financially for the Belleville Country Club. As the board has poured over the financial details, we have tried our best to make the club an institution that serves its members well while being financially responsible. As many of you know, we have had several different managers over the last several years that brought in good ideas about improving the clubs offerings to its members.

Sadly, we have not been able to generate the revenue needed to cover the expenses of offering a food service for our members. The number of members who come to the club to eat on the nights that we serve food simply do not cover the cost it takes to offer such a service.

To that end, the board has voted to end the offering of food services as of September 6th.  We know that there are some of you who are dedicated patrons of the food service, and we offer our apologies for having to make this decision.

We will offer a time in the near future for club members to meet with the board to discuss this matter. We know that there are always a lot of rumors about what is happening at the club, and we want everyone who interested to be a part in the discussion so that this matter is as transparent as we can make it.


 Cayle Goertzen